Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wonderful News!!!!

As you all have most likely noticed, I have been pretty much MIA over the last few months. I am sooo excited to announce that I should now be around more often!!! Last Tuesday, I had to be admitted to the hospital due to the acute pain caused by sciatica. They did another MRI on me and the surgeon said that she was in total shock that I was functioning on any level since the disc fragments had more than tripled in size. She suggested immediate surgery for me and warned me that there may be complications due to the nerve damage and nerve compression I had been suffering with for almost 3 years. I felt that anything would be better than what I had been going through and I am soo happy to announce... that upon waking up from the surgery... it is like having a full recovery!! The pain is gone! The numbness is gone!! I have actually stood up "straight" and walked a short distance with absolutely no problem!!! Of course, I know I can not overdo it since she had to remove part of my spine to get the 6 huge fragments out without damaging the nerves or the sac holding them. Eventually, I will have my spine fused in that location but until then... I can finally function on a somewhat normal level and can get busy scrapping once again!!!!
Be on the lookout for a few more freebies to be coming over the next few days!!! And please feel free to check out my store, The ScrapHouse, eventually you will be able to find every single product here created by me and they will always be cheaper than in any other store, if not free!!! I am currently working on a blog for the store to be available shortly as well. Till then... I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and staying safe!!!

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Anisah said...

I'm glad you're doing well. It's not fun to live with pain all the time. Wow, your designs are great and so low priced!



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