Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Designer/CT Group!!!

I am opening a new group called Designers United.

This is a description of what the purpose of this group is for.

Are you a Scrap Designer, Script or Action Writer?
Are you interested in offering your Kits,
Scripts or Actions for free to be used in testing or tutorials?

Are you a Tutorial Writer, Layout Designer,
Script or Action Tester?

Are you interested in receiving Kits, Scripts or Actions
for free to use in your tutorials or for testing purposes?

If so, then this is the place for you!
Click the Join This Group button.
You will receive a questionaire to completed which
MUST be returned for member consideration.

Upon Approval, you will be sent a contract
to be signed and returned ASAP.

Then all you do is request or offer the kit, action or script.
Please respect and follow the Individual Designer's rules.
If you see something you do not like being offered,
simply click "Delete".

All mail is set to "Reply To Sender" to avoid excess mail.
Hope to see you on the inside!

Serenity Dezynes
Questions and/or Suggestions:

It is basically set up, all it needs is designers and a Creative Team.
For now, I am the only designer and member, loll.
I am looking for fellow designers to join me in this new venture.

If you know of anyone interested, please pass this on!

If you are already or would like to become a member of my Creative Team....
Please join this group!!! Hugs, Serenity

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